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Video Introduction

Effects of Asclepius hydrogen and oxygen ventilator on COVID-19 2020-03-27

In many places of Wuhan

The mortality of severe or critical patients is nearly 60%

We’re now ready to challenge it

Now in our wards

In total, we have

We have at present

Nine severe or critical patients

Apart from our patients here

All severe or critical cases are in Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health

We don't fear to be exposed by media

We want to test ourselves

What on earth can we do?

How well we can do?

As these questions are new problems, unsolved

Apart from this general rule

We also for years

Have worked with Asclemay 

To make a special device that from water

Can change into hydrogen and oxygen

Both are effective

To cure hypoxia and hypoxemia

For patients with narrow airways

And patients with COPD genetic structure

We have effective results

Now, this therapy is used for these patients

After our preliminary try in Wuhan

Their respiratory dyspnea is relieved

Now, there are nearly 2,000 devices

In Heilongjiang, in Yunnan, and in Wuhan

Of course, in Guangdong, there are many places

That have advocated this device

We hope that these devices

For us to reduce the conversion of such patients to severe 

Or even critical cases

Could be helpful

For now it’s progressive

Still ongoing

But we by all means

Also produce this kind of hydrogen-oxygen blending inhaler

Now it’s marketing nationwide

So, the researches are

All carried out in Guangzhou Medical University

With more than 10 years of educative foundation

In both preclinical medicine and clinical medicine

There’s why we have done some

Researches and such jobs