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Effects of Asclepius hydrogen and oxygen ventilator on COVID-19 2020-03-26

I will like sry, i will like to introduce to you because we just finished the some of the data from three hospital. We use the hydrogen and oxygen mix, it seems to work very well and I am happy about that so I just got data right now from Wuhan and from Guangzhou and three hospitals all together sixty something and other inhaling? 

To say hydrogen and oxygen mix gas improve the dyspnea improve, the second day and the third day and the fourth day, so all of them so it really improve, I suppose because of at least resist to reduce the airway at the airway resistance to go into the alveolar to improve the oxygenation, I think that that is a good way. 

As i remember 30 years ago also, when I was young and then we use the helium Yes oxygen mix, but helium is much expensive, where we have invent a special machine and you just need to use this machine plug into the socket(link to) electricity and then using water H2O and then turn to hydrogen and oxygen, its easier thats fantastic yea, i remember using helium as well in patients with our airway tubber symptoms I emmm thats H2, so you really use it because it was cheaper mainly and cheaper, that was the main reason, ok thank you. We have been using now in a nearly one thousand patient, well fantastic, the majority of them do have some improve. 

Your just using like with the high flow nasal oxygen therapy, you are just in training spontaneously breathing patients. Yes, compare with high concentration of oxygen by this way hydrogen plus is much better and what is the percentage hydrogen and oxygen in the mix, because we are not familiar with using that 66% of hydrogen and 33% of oxygen.Oh okay thank you very much.